The Cloud before it was the cloud...

We are a different kind of firm that identifies useful technologies before they become trends. Back in 2002, we were using remote servers for storage and some applications. Everyone now knows this as the “cloud.” Our firm is comprised of leaders and talented individuals who find effective ways to secure and use computers and technology to help businesses grow and maintain strong levels of security without crippling daily operations.

One of the best things about our firm is we work with existing IT or technical staff to show them the gaps in their system and how to patch them. We aren’t looking to take over – rather we are looking to couple our skills with those of your existing team to give you, the executive, a clear picture on your company exposure. Our complete plans include best practices, along with little known details on how your team or a vendor of your choice can effectively lock down your organization from intruders. We have worked with and have contacts in the three letter organizations to ensure that the strategies and approaches we use are not only the most comprehensive but that they also are identifying the latest global threats. In other words, we are constantly making sure we know about the next big thing in cyber while it is small.

How it all began...

Mandy Childs

Mandy started out working for mid-sized firms, and during that time, she garnered the core skills to then branch out on her own with a group of partners. Since then the firm has grown to a small army of security experts. Over the years, they have developed effective solutions to help deal with the growing vulnerabilities that companies face in the marketplace today.

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